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From the Pit to a Platform

Sherry Ward | 14 June, 2023

            From the Pit to a Platform

In the Bible, Joseph was stripped of his mantle, betrayed by his family, and thrown into a pit.

His circumstances looked bleak, and the betrayal was real.

He ended up in Potiphar’s house, where he came into leadership even as a slave.

However, he was falsely accused and thrown into prison.

Many of you have suffered injustice at the hands of others, sometimes even family members.

The betrayal of those closest to you deals a brutal blow.


As you weave your story into your books, fiction or nonfiction, you will begin to find healing.

Joseph was taken from the pit to a palace and found a platform to help others.

That is what God is doing through your writing.

In the pit, you are going deep with Him and finding the healing you desperately need, so that…

…when he raises you up to the palace, you will have a platform to help others.

Joseph was strategic in his position. He knew what was ahead and prepared for it in advance to lessen the burden of the financial fallout for not only himself and his family, but for a nation.

What has God shown you in the future that you can begin to pray for in this next season?

He is bringing you out of the pit to give you a platform to bring health and healing to people.

You are the only one for the job!

Only you can fulfill your assignment…YOU are the one God has called.

Will you say YES to God and finish the book He has called you to write?
Now is the time to be ALL IN and give God your YES in this next season.

Who knows…maybe you have the answer to some of the things that are about to happen.

You need to be in proper position and do the work He has called you to right now.

No more delay.
No more procrastination.
No more putting off your calling.

Write the book!

You have a portal to show up for, and if you don’t write the book, you will miss it.
Some of God’s assignments have expiration dates on them!

It’s time to go from the pit to the palace to the platform God wants to give you.