Get clear on your books direction with the Book Blueprint Workshop
January 20th 9am PST



Have you tried for years to finish your book on your own, but you just can’t get it done?

Join Square Tree Writer's Cohorts that give you the accountability, community, and coaching to finally finish that book you always wanted to write!

It’s time to stop putting off the book God is asking YOU to write.

You feel it, you know it, and you have a book idea that could only be from Him… but something deep down inside keeps stopping you from taking action and moving forward.

Whether you have a new idea or a story that’s been in the back of your mind for years, it’s time to lay down the lie that you don’t have what it takes. That you don’t know if people will want to read your book. That God could never use your story.

You’re invited to join the…

Square Tree Writer’s Cohorts


You have spent months or years trying to write your book on your own and not getting anywhere

Want a professional writing coach to help you with your writing

Have Writer’s Block

Want feedback and encouragement from other like-minded believers

“In my cohort group, I’m surrounded by a core group of writers and amazing coaches who leave me with so much insight and encouragement. They remind me why I am called to be a writer.”


What you’ll get:

Professional Writing Coach

Weekly small group meetings with a professional writing coach

Get editing feedback and encouragement on your writing

Co-Lab Writing Groups

Meet with our like-minded believers to write together for accountability

Flexibility of different days and times

Prize Incentives

Prizes will be give away for completing different milestones in your writing

Beta reader provided to give feedback on your book

Private Facebook Community

Weekly prophetic prayer over you and your books

Supportive group that will help you launch your book when it is published

Ask questions and get encouragement as you write your book

Prophetic Intercessors Team

Intercessors will pray over your you and your book as you are writing it

Submit any prayer requests when you need the support

What Other Authors are Saying…

Amy King

Group Testimonial

Jessica Baker

How It Works





You get to select the day and time that is right for you.



Get plugged in with other amazing authors and join the prophetic prayer times


We believe your message matters.

That is why our dedicated team of professionals and prophetic intercessors have committed to bringing your literary texts and targeted curricula to a global marketplace for over a decade. We strive to make that message of the highest quality, while still maintaining your voice. Because we believe in YOU, we have created a platform to meet the unique needs of Christian authors, whether you seek “Done-For-You” services or DIY options. Our innovative team offers a full range of services as well as easy-to-use templates, tools, and courses to help you craft a message that is clearly and distinctly heard.

Whether you are a new writer seeking guidance with each step of the process or a seasoned writer in need of targeted assistance, we will propel you to the next level of your development.

Our authors have been featured on Good Morning America, Hallmark Channel, CNN, Fox News, BBC, National Geographic, OC Register, Telemundo, Japan TV, and the Los Angeles Times. Square Tree authors have garnered over 5 million Facebook video views and 74K Facebook followers for their ministries, negotiated production deals for documentaries, invited to join state boards, and become recurring speakers at the United Nations!


Join us the Writer’s Cohort Today

Your message matters!

Monthly Membership

$197 per month

Try it for just $97 the first month

(Then $197 per month thereafter)

*** No contracts to sign. You may pause or terminate at any time

Do I really get a writing coach?

Yes! You will get a professional writing coach to give you feedback live in the weekly groups.

What if I want to stop my membership?

No problem! You may put your account on hold, or terminate your membership at any time. You will not be billed for the next month, and will be able to attend the remaining sessions in that month.

What if I leave, may I come back?

Yes! You may come back at any time. Our goal is for you to finish your book, so we want you to get the support you need.

Does the cohort meet on Zoom?

Yes! All the meeting will be held on Zoom, so even if you are out of town you can still come to the group. We have different days and times available to accommodate everyone’s schedule (even if you are overseas).

Do you offer refunds on memberships?

We are not able to provide refunds on the membership. If you feel you no longer need the support, you may pause or terminate your membership at any time. You will not be billed for the following month, and you will be able to attend the remaining sessions in that month. There are no formal contracts to sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Our cohort writing coach, Melodie Fox, has the most ideal mixture of personality and character that sets the perfect tone and keeps things moving. She holds things loosely so that we are able to be ourselves and blossom. Leaders are great not just because of what they do, but great because of what they don't do. She leads with such groundedness and humility. We are all blessed by being in this cohort.


Join us the Writer’s Cohort Today

Your message matters!

Join the Square Tree Writer’s Cohorts today and get immediate access to…

 Weekly small group meetings with a professional writing coach

 Prizes that will be given away for completing different parts of your book

 Writing Co-Lab every week to write with other authors

Special FB Community Group for prayer and launching your book

Prophetic Intercessors praying over your book

Monthly Membership

$197 per month

Try it for just $97 the first month

(Then $197 per month thereafter)