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January 20th 9am PST



Congratulations on answering God’s call to write a book.

We know how tough it can be to not only navigate writing a book, but publish it too.

That is why we created easy to use tools, training, and templates to help you through each part of the process.

In the EXPLORE tab you will see these different categories.

New Authors


If you are a new author that is just beginning to write your book, you will want to EXPLORE the WRITING category. In this category we have different types of resources from templates and tools, workshops, and live weekly writing groups with like-minded believers. One of our most popular products is WriteAway Planner System where you can track your writing by word count, page count, or time.

We also have a special opportunity to work with our author breakthrough coach, Dr. Amanda Helman, in either group or private coaching. One of our Square Tree authors, Andi, was able to write 37,000 worlds in just one week of working with Dr. Amanda. She is a complete game changer for our authors.

One of the MOST important things you’ll need to do as a brand new author is figure out the audience for your book. Square Tree founder, Sherry Ward, consults with new authors in a Vision Consulting Session. to help them niche down their audience, as well as, discuss marketing strategies.

New Authors


If you have finished the first draft of your manuscript in a Word document, you will want to EXPLORE the EDITING, FORMATING, & COVERS category. Your next steps will be to find a content editor, line editor, and proofer. After your book is edited you’ll need to format your book with our easy-to-use template, and also hire a cover jacket designer.

New Authors


We have some amazing workshops and training for any authors looking to improve their writing. Our signature successful program is called, Writer’s Roadmap, that includes both writing and breakthrough coaching, along with critical resources to help you successful write an interesting and anointed book.

Memoir Authors

We have a genre specific workshop called, Memorable Memoir Workshop, lead by professionals in the area of memoir writing. If you’d like to dig a little deeper, we also have a four session course called Memoir Me. This course will help you write through the triggers, show not tell in your writing, and set you up for success as a speaker.

Children's Book Authors

For children book authors we have an insightful workshop called Capture Your Children’s Book Character Workshop. It includes both the illustration process, as well as, vocabulary selection in children’s books of all ages. Our Character Calling offer, will give you a professional illustrator who will draw your main character for you so that you can watch your character come alive!

Writer's Groups


Writing is not a solo activity like many are led to believe. It is important to surround yourself with honest feedback on your writing from a professional writing coach, and be in a community of faith-filled authors. You will be eligible for prizes as you complete milestones in your writing, as well as, weekly prophetic prayer in our FB community. We offer the Writer’s Cohorts to help you take your book to the finish line.

Professional Publishing Services


If you want a professional publishing company to help you complete your book, then EXPLORE the Publishing Services options to select which services you’d like help with. If you would like to hire a professional faith-filled publisher to help you through the entire process of publishing your book, your first step is to sign up for a Preliminary Manuscript Review.

Top-Selling Products

is a must have to keep track of your word count as you write

has been a huge success in helping writers break off writer’s block. After working with Dr. Amanda Square Tree author, Andi P., wrote 37,000 words in ONE week!!!

is foundational for authors to get the important tools as they write their memoir.

is key for authors to learn about the illustration process from a professional illustrator, as well as, vocabulary choices that are important for the different age levels of children’s books.

If you have any questions, reach out to support@christianauthorshop.com.


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