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Memoir Me (Coaching Program)

  • You’re the only one who can write story!

    Memoir Me is the exclusive author coaching program designed to help you push past fear, outline your entire book, and begin writing your memoir in less than a weekend! It is (4) one-hour recorded coaching sessions led by Dr. Sharon Spano, Aurora Gregory, and Donna Scott, LMFT, along with resources to help you write your book.


    Instant Access Replay: Get the coaching program replays, plus all supporting materials.


    1. A plan of action for each step of this journey AND the Square Tree team in your corner to help you break through your fears and keep going.
    2. Your book writing questions answered by a trusted publisher and the expertise you need to finally finish that memoir God has called you to write 
    3. A professional writing coach guiding you through your process, and a licensed counselor will even help you write through the triggers!


    This workbook is included inside the Memoir Bundle. If you're looking for a comprehensive pack of templates and instructions for all your publishing needs, along with video training from several writing coaches, this bundle is for you!


    Did you start writing your story a while ago but felt triggered from retelling the events, and now you have a block in your writing to begin again?

    It’s this push-pull of wanting to tell your story, yet your fear of getting triggered is making you feel trapped in this tug of war with yourself.

    Don’t let fears hold you back!

    Yes, fears can be legitimate and based on facts, but most of the time, fears are simply roadblocks keeping us from moving forward (and if we let them go, oh, the freedom we’ll experience!). 

    But a body at rest tends to stay at rest (you’ve heard that commercial, right?), and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. 

    Memoir Me Coaching Program will provide you 3 different coaches in four unique modules to propel your writing forward in a weekend.


    With Memoir Me there will be…

    • No more floundering what to write.
    • No more wondering if you are on the right track.
    • No more spending countless hours researching on the internet.

    No matter the story you have lived through, God will use it for the good of others and His glory when you are brave enough to take that first step. 

    Taking your first step is the key, Kingdom Author!

    After that first step, you’ll have the momentum to move forward in confidence and faith to finally finish that memoir God has called you to write.

    Get the Memoir Me Coaching Program today!


    These are recorded modules from a live event. With these recordings, you will be able to go back to them repeatedly if needed.