Beta Reader Evaluation

  • You have just finished writing your manuscript, now what?

    Many authors will have their friends look over their book and give them advice. While this is a good place to start, many friends may tell you, “they liked it”, with little real feedback you can use to improve your book. 

    Our beta readers have a specific 12-question grid they will be using to truly evaluate your book and give you usable feedback for improvement. After months or years working on your book, you will need to see if what you have written translates to your reader, and you’ll need that information to be as specific as possible.

    A beta reader is your first step in the editing process. After you have made edits to your book based on their recommendations, then you need to apply for a Preliminary Manuscript Review to be considered for editing services with Square Tree Publishing. 

    Whether you want a developmental, content, or line editor,every author needs to go through a Preliminary Manuscript Review. Getting at least one beta reader or more, will set you up for the best opportunity of success when going through the Preliminary Manuscript Review. 


    With a Beta Reader you will walk away with…

    • Honest feedback given in an encouraging way
    • Finding places in the book where it may have been confusing
    • Highlighting the parts of your book that grabbed the reader’s attention
    • Places that may have inconsistencies
    • Knowing if the book can hold the reader’s attention

    If your manuscript already went through the beta reader process and you feel like it’s in good shape, then click the Preliminary Manuscript Review to go to the next phase in the editing process with Square Tree.



    If you want help with your writing, we encourage you to join our Writer's Groups that meet weekly with a professional writing coach.Join Square Tree Writer's Cohorts that give you the accountability, community, and coaching tofinally finish that book you always wanted to write! 

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