Silent No Longer by Dr Amanda Helman

Trauma has a way of turning people into the walking dead…

“I cannot tell you the exact moment that the slow progression towards the death of my innocent childhood began, but somewhere in those years between three and five, I gradually lost my voice and sense of identity. My home life was chaotic and unpredictable. Glimpses of the unspeakable, like shadows, refused to come into the light. My world was filled with those who sought to silence me. So I just stopped speaking up.

Things seemed blurred in so many ways…memories, thoughts. All I knew was to hide inside myself. My inner conscience locked all the painful hidden trauma away until much later when it came to light through my journey of discovery. I couldn’t remember the details of the abuse I suffered back then, and it would take years for me to consciously deal with it, when God slowly began to reveal the truth about my sexual abuse.”

Amanda Helman’s raw and emotionally transparent retelling of her journey through the darkness of abuse and rejection draws you into her world. The pain that left her silent and unable to find her voice eventually shattered as the light of truth burst through and she was finally Silent No Longer.