My Name is Also Freedom by Shari Ho & Melodie Fox

"...My heart was pounding so loud I could feel the blood pulsing in my ears. Every nerve was on alert. Did I hear someone behind me? I rolled the garbage cans to the curb, like I did every Thursday night in this wealthy town, the only task I did unattended, a brief moment away from the watchful eyes of my captors, those I had been sold a slave to when I was just seven years old in Taiwan. Now was my chance to escape. I bolted, running as fast as I could towards the end of the street and into the car that was waiting for me. Everything I owned I left behind, except the tattered shirt and dirty pants I wore, clothes that reminded me of the life I had been living these past twenty years—a torn and ravaged existence, a victim of human trafficking...” Shari Ho’s incredible story of slavery and survival to inspirational speaker will grip your soul and challenge you to speak up on behalf of the silent ones around you, those who long to say....“My Name is Also Freedom.”