Get clear on your books direction with the Book Blueprint Workshop
January 20th 9am PST



Children’s Book Character Workshop PLUS... Writer's Cohort

  • From Vocabulary to Illustration to Bring Your Children’s Book to Life!

    This 90-minute Children’s Book Workshop led by Dr. Amanda Helman, Sherry Ward, and professional illustrator Kailyn Sissom will guide you through the illustration process and help you select the right vocabulary levels for your readers.

    Even if you don’t draw, you can still create a fabulously-illustrated children’s book!

    Capture Your Children’s Book Character Workshop will help you create a special children’s book that will be iconic—forever impressing your readers with the nostalgic parts of childhood and inspiring them well into adulthood.



    1. Stages of the illustration process in developing your character

    2. Methods for writing your children’s book

    3. Discovering your character's purpose

    4. How to hear from God about your book

    5. Creating iconic characters that stand the test of time



    • BONUS

      Square Tree Writing Cohorts (2-weeks) 

    • (Authors who are NOT currently in a cohort AND have NOT already attended a trial cohort are eligible for the bonus cohort 2-weeks.)

    • You’ll get to meet with a professional writing coach weekly, along with a small group of like-minded believers.  

      Once you finish your manuscript, it’s time to submit it for editing. Click here for your Preliminary Manuscript Review!

  • Get everything you’ll need to finish your children’s book and check out the CHILDREN’S BOOK BUNDLE.


    Do you know where to start when it comes to writing and illustrating your children’s book?

    We’ve got you from cover to cover! You’ll get professional experts showing you how the illustration process works, selecting the right words to fit your reader’s age-level, and pro-tips for hiring a professional illustrator.

    It’s time to get your character idea out of your mind and onto the paper where it will impact children for generations.

    There’s more need than ever for pure, wholesome content for children that teaches biblical values, morals, and life lessons. 


    “Children are God’s love-gift to us. They are 

    Heaven’s glorious reward.”