Author’s Golden Guild - Group Coaching with Dr. Amanda

  • Are you a Christian Author who is struggling being accepted, confident, and known as an author?

    The Author’s Golden Guild Coaching Program equips you to identify your gifts, talents, and confidence as an author before you publish so you can break through writing blocks that are preventing you from completing your book.



    1. Confidence in believing you are an author, leading to acceleration in writing your book. 

    2. Identify hidden gems you carry as a valuable author.

    3. Craft key values that distinguish you as an author.

    4. Transformation within yourself to bring forth the golden skills and talents you have as a Christian author.


    Did you know?  The Author’s Golden Guild Group Coaching Program includes a resource after each session to help you dive deeper into your beliefs and gain confidence over your doubts and fears as an author. If you're looking for a comprehensive coaching program that will propel you forward as an author, the Author’s Golden Guild Group Coaching Program is for you!

    This is a service for coaching. Nothing physical will ship.

  • No more delaying your book writing. 
  • No more avoiding your book writing because you do not believe you are accepted or confident as an author.

    This group coaching will give you personal and group accountability, help you accept yourself as an author, and identify hidden gems as an author.

    Grab a seat in theAuthor’s Golden Guild Group Coaching Program and join a like-minded community of Christian Authors who want to accelerate in confidence, acceptance, and know their value as an author. This program will help you start your book without delay!