Author Marketing Made Easy

  • How would you like to have an easy marketing course that is as easy as "paint-by-the-numbers"?

    This easy-to-follow-marketing plan will give you everything you need to launch and market your book on your own timeline!


    Author Marketing Made Easy is for: 

    • Kingdom authors who feel called to write a book but have no idea on how to market it

    • New authors who don’t know where to start in their book marketing journey

    • Experienced authors who want to increase book sales


    “I’ll write the book, but it’s up to God to market it.”  

    I’ve heard this from authors for years. While this sounds like a pious comment, I believe God wants us to steward well what He put in our hands to do. For many authors, marketing is the hardest task to master. That is why I createdAuthor Marketing Made Easy. Each module is broken into bite-size lessons focusing on a single objective per module. Each concise video is followed by a worksheet, which helps you apply each principal to your book. With easy-to-follow, “By-the-Numbers” checklists, the course truly makes Author Marketing…Easy!