A Journey Out of the Wilderness by Sherry

One fateful decision landed me smack in the middle of my own personal Wilderness. Though I was obeying God’s voice, I spent the next fourteen years “walking on water,” even though it felt more like I was treading water. A Journey Out of the Wilderness is for people going through a rough time—a Wilderness experience—where you feel as though you are “down for the count” and ready to give up. “Will this ever end?” rings in your ears constantly.

However, being in the Wilderness will be one of the most transformational times of your life. A Journey Out of the Wilderness is not a “How To” book providing ten easy steps to escape the Wilderness, nor is it a book about all the things you must do while you are there. Rather, it is a book filled with insights and revelations God has given me, as well as others in the Wilderness—things that will help keep you going, despite the surrounding circumstances. It will encourage you to make it out of your Wilderness and launch you into your destiny and your own personal Promised Land!